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Dissolve Strip Laundry Bags Yellow Box 250


  • 250 bags per carton
  • each bag is 990mm x 710mm
  • the seam only dissolves during the washing cycle.

Whether handling linen, clothing or instruments, it is vital to eliminate the risk of cross infection to staff and patients. The Filterfab range of Dissolvos help meet duty of care guidelines by ensuring the safe isolation, transportation and disinfection of foul and infected linen. The Dissolvo Sack is a soluble membrane laundry bag, with the added protection of an overlapped slit protecting the membrane from contact with damp linen inside the bag. The filled Dissolvo Sack is sealed with its cold water soluble tie tape ready for transfer to the laundry. Bags are then placed unopened into the washer.

During the initial wash the soluble membrane dissolves along with the tie tape, releasing the contents of the bag for processing. At the end of the wash cycle the linen is removed for drying and the Dissolvo Sack now a clean disinfected sheet of film is removed and discarded. The Dissolvo Sack is ideal for nursing and residential homes, and suitable for hot and cold washes.

Most frequently asked questions about this item include:

  • Is water soluble film biodegradable / environmentally friendly?  Yes, when solution is exposed to normal water treatment bacteria it will break down into harmless components.
  • Why is it important not to knot the Laundry Bag? Some staff may be tempted to close the bag by tying a knot in the top of the bag. This can cause problems because the knot is a solid lump of material and water cannot reach the centre of the knot to dissolve it. The remedy for this should be correct training of staff to use the tie tape provided, usually in conjunction with the Infection Control Nurse or Hygienist.
  • Can detergents cause problems?  Only when added too early to the wash cycle or when added in excessive quantity which causes increased alkalinity levels in the wash liquor.
  • How should I store the bags?  All bags should be stored at temperatures between 7 degrees centigrade and 30 degrees centigrade at relative humidity 20 to 70%.