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Go Natural Probiotic Chip Chilli and Lime 100g

Go Natural Probiotic Chip Chilli and Lime 100g 

Product Description
At Go Natural, we believe that nutritious snacks can be tasty too! We aren’t kidding when we say our Probiotic Chips are both nutritious and delicious with every crispy crunch!

Blended with the goodness of lentils, chickpeas and peas, we’ve got you and your gut covered with our combination of 1 billion probiotics, 13.5g fibre and 17g of protein per pack!

Treat yourself to our tongue sizzling Chilli, topped off with a refreshing hint of Lime flavour that will leave your taste buds singing.

PLUS, we’ve kept all the nasties out of our gluten free blend of Probiotic Chips with
no preservatives and no artificial colours or sweeteners.