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Medstock Amorphous Hydrogel - Box of 15

Medstock Amorphous Hydrogel is an amorphous, clear gel with excellent adhesion and absorption capabilities. It contains propylene glycol which helps attract and lock in moisture to drier wound environments, whilst absorbing excessive exudates. This assists in facilitating gentle autolytic debridement of devitalised tissue which promotes early epithelialisation and reduces wound healing time.

Key Functions and Features:

  •  Excellent adhesion and absorption capability
  •  Contains propylene glycol
  • Non-adherent to granulating tissue
  •  Useful for relieving pain from wounds
  •  Facilitates autolytic debridement of devitalised tissue
  •  Accelerates wound healing

Indications for Use:

  •  Dry, necrotic tissue that requires re-hydration to aid autolytic debridement
  •  Suitable for wounds with nil to low exudate
  •  Diabetic ulcers
  •  Cavity or sinus wounds
  •  Venous ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  •  Superficial to partial thickness burns
  •  All stages of wound healing