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3M Hp Tegaderm Transparent Film Dress With Border 6Cmx7Cm Box 100

About this item

  • Conforms to body and flexes with skin
  • Frame and First Aid delivery system
  • All-in-one sterile dressing
  • Breathable, yet waterproof

3M HPTegaderm Transparent Film Dressing is a transparent film dressing used to cover and secure I.V. sites to protect at-risk skin, or as a primary or secondary dressing over acute wounds, surgical sites, and chronic wounds. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Tegaderm Film has a "frame" and "first aid" delivery system that makes placement quick and easy. Breathable film provides a bacterial and viral barrier to outside contaminants. 3M offers two, unique, different transparent adhesive dressing systems (standard and HP), giving the clinician a choice for patients with sensitive skin or a need for increased holding power in the presence of moisture.