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Allevyn Non-Adhesive 5Cmx5Cm Box 10

ALLEVYN NON-ADHESIVE CLASSIC FOAM DRESSING 5CM x 5CM Foams are comfortable, conformable and are highly efficient at absorbing large amounts of wound exudate whilst maintaining a moist wound environment. They are easy to use and leave no residue in the wound upon removal. Can be used as a primary or secondary dressing. ALLEVYN CLASSIC (FOAM DRESSING) The ALLEVYN Classic range consists of ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive, ALLEVYN Heel, ALLEVYN Adhesive, ALLEVYN Gentle, ALLEVYN Gentle Border and ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite. Why are there several different products within the ALLEVYN Classic range? The different products in the ALLEVYN Classic range mean that there is a wide range of choice to cater for different patient needs. From those patients requiring a more secure adhesive to those needing a dressing suitable for use under compression, whether the wound is lightly exuding or the skin is fragile there is an ALLEVYN dressing to suit your patient. ALLEVYN Classic Range All of the dressings in the ALLEVYN Classic range utilise the unique triple-action technology which consists of a non-adherent wound contact layer, an absorbent foam core and a highly breathable top film. This technology is designed to create a moist wound healing environment to keep the wound at the optimal moisture level for wound healing. There is a range of adhesion qualities on the different dressings in the ALLEVYN Classic range. ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive has a non-adherent wound contact layer for when no adhesion is required. ALLEVYN Gentle has a low-tack soft gel adhesive designed to provide a gentle helping hand during application of the secondary retention. ALLEVYN Gentle Border and ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite both have a gentle silicone adhesive across the wound contact layer and border for gentle adhesion with no need for secondary retention, finally ALLEVYN Adhesive provides a secure adhesive for when dressing retention is paramount. ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive has stood the test of time and continues to be an essential for patients and clinicians all over the world. Unique triple action technology effectively manages fluid to create a moist wound healing environment Highly breathable top film helps to minimise the risk of maceration to the wound and periwound Non-adherent wound contact layer means the dressing is suitable for use on fragile and sensitive skin including epidermolysis bullosa wounds Soft and comfortable for the patient and conformable to challenging body areas Specific Heel cup dressing designed to conform to this awkward area Easy to apply and remove Provides an effective barrier function to exogenous bacteria as well as helping to prevent fluid and bacterial strikethrough Wide range of sizes that can be cut to suit different body contours Suitable for use under compression bandaging ALLEVYN Heel can contribute to a pressure relieving protocol when used prophylactically ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive dressings are indicated for use on: Shallow, granulating wounds Chronic and acute exudative wounds Full and partial thickness wounds such as pressure ulcers, leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers Infected wounds Malignant wounds Surgical wounds First and second degree burns Donor sites Fungating ulcers Oncological Wounds Epidermolysis bullosa wounds