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Caruso's Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset

Caruso's Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset

Caruso’s Revivalife – Triple Action Body Reset
Caruso’s Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset carton includes 3 product formulas Caruso's CraveLESS, Caruso's Fluid Away & Caruso's Bowel Clear containing a total of 16 herbal and nutritional ingredients. When used together in conjunction with the Body Reset Diet (Scan QR code within the carton) they work simultaneously to revitalise, recharge and reset your body.

How Caruso’s Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset works
1) Caruso's CraveLESS is a high-quality formula that helps reduce sugar cravings, helps with the metabolism of fats, supports healthy liver function and healthy blood sugar levels. If you have a sweet tooth, overindulge on sweets, and can’t stop, Caruso’s CraveLESS will help you kick your sugar habit.

2) Caruso's Fluid Away is a dual action formula containing dandelion, which is traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to temporarily relieve mild fluid retention, abdominal bloating and can aid in the elimination of metabolic waste from your body.

3) Caruso’s Bowel Clear contains a blend of digestive and internal cleansing herbs designed to relieve constipation, symptoms of indigestion, abdominal bloating and excess intestinal gas. It also helps to improve intestinal transit time helping to increase bowel regularity, ease bowel motions and assists with natural body waste elimination.

4) Body Reset Diet QR code is included within the carton. The Body Reset Diet is a nutritional eating plan that is high in fibre, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and is low in carbohydrates. The eating plan is designed to take a load off your digestive system, allowing the 3 herbal and nutritional formulas to perform at their maximum potential while providing you with sustained energy throughout the day.


Why Use Caruso’s Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset? 

Caruso's Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset has been formulated to help support the body's natural detoxification processes whilst aiding in the excretion of metabolic waste. Social events, weekend events and parties can often mean poor dietary choices. Caruso's Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset may aid in kick starting a healthier way of life with the help of three products designed to aid effective body waste elimination by supporting liver cleansing, maintaining digestive health and body waste elimination. 

Caruso’s Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset Has Been Formulated to:

  • Increase bowel waste elimination
  • Promote bowel regularity
  • Relieve constipation
  • Reduce sugar cravings
  • Help metabolise fats
  • Relieve abdominal bloating


Caruso's Bowel Clear:
Active Ingredients. Each Tablet Contains Herbal Extract Equiv. to:

Frangula purshiana(Cascara) ext. dry conc 105.3mg
   From dry stem bark 500mg 
Salvia officinalis(Sage) ext. dry conc 90.91mg
   From dry leaf 500mg
Calendula officinalis (Calendula) ext. dry conc 125mg 
   From dry flower 500mg
Juglans nigra(Black Walnut) ext. dry conc 35mg 
   From dry fruit hull  350mg
Rheum palmatum (Rhubarb) ext. dry conc 50mg
   From dry root  200mg
Inula Britannica (Elecampane) ext. dry conc 25mg
   From dry flower 100mg


Caruso's Craveless:

Each tablet contains:

Layer one: Blood Sugar Matrix  
Gymnema sylvestre(Gymnema) ext. dry conc. 400mg
   From min. dry leaf  8000mg
   Standardised to Gymnemic acids 100mg
Cinnamomum cassia(Cinnamon) ext. dry conc. 33.33mg
   From dry stem bark  500mg
Biotin 4mg
Chromium picolinate 200micrograms
   Equiv. to chromium 24.86micrograms
Layer two: Liver Support Matrix  
Silybum marianum(Milk Thistle) ext. dry conc. 114.29mg
   From min. dry fruit 8000mg
   Standardised to Flavanolignans calc. as Silybin 91.43mg
Cynara scolymus(Globe Artichoke) ext. dry conc. 30mg
   From min. fresh leaf 1500mg
   Standardised to Caffeoylquinic acids 1.5mg


Caruso's Fluid Away®

Each tablet contains: 

Phyllanthus amarus (Stonebreaker) ext. dry conc. 187.5mg
    From dry herb 1.5g (1500mg)
Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) ext. dry conc.  150mg 
    From dry leaf 750mg
Apium graveolens (Celery) ext. dry conc. 75mg
    From dry seed 750mg
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride. 30.39mg
    Equiv. to Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)   25mg



Directions for use:

Adults take :
Breakfast: Take 1 tablet of Caruso's CraveLESS, Caruso's  Fluid Away and Caruso's Bowel Clear with breakfast 
Dinner:  Take 1 tablet of Caruso's CraveLESS, Caruso's Fluid Away and Caruso's Bowel Clear with dinner 


Caruso's Bowel Clear:
Appearance: Oval shaped green/brown mottled clear film coated tablet with a break bar on one side.

L: 23.2mm
W: 10.5mm
Thickness: 6.5mm

Flavour: None

Caruso's CraveLESS

Appearance: Multi-layer, oval shaped tablet with a break bar on one side. 

L: 23.2mm
W: 10.5 mm    

Flavour: None

Caruso's Fluid Away:
Appearance: White pearlescent oval shaped biconvex film coated tablet  

L: 19.7mm
W: 8.1 mm

Flavour: None


Name: Caruso's Bowel Clear 


Frangula purshiana (Cascara) Cascara triggers a natural intestinal muscular movement called “peristalsis”. Peristalsis promotes bowel waste elimination and increases intestinal transit time. Cascara has stimulant laxative effects which help to relax the bowels and relieve dry stools by softening the stool to ease bowel motions. Cascara is particularly beneficial to relieve constipation. 

Name: Caruso's CraveLESS 


Silybum marianum (St Mary's Thistle) Aids and assists in the management of healthy liver function, and supports the liver's natural detoxification processes. 

Gymnema sylvestre (Gymnema) Assists in the management of sugar cravings and helps to support a healthy appetite. 

Chromium May assist in maintaining healthy blood glucose and sugar metabolism.

Name: Caruso's Fluid Away 


Phyllanthus amarus(Stone Breaker) Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to support urogenital and urinary tract health and enhances urine output. It has also been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a hepatoprotectant, which translates to 'protecting the liver'. Stonebreaker assists the body's natural waste elimination processes and aids in the excretion of metabolic waste through the body's natural channels of elimination. 

Apium graveolens(Celery) Celery reduces inflammation and assists the body in eliminating waste. Celery supports urinary tract function and has been used traditionally in Western Herbal Medicine to enhance urine output and relieve and reduce the occasional occurrence in symptoms of gout. Celery also maintains and supports joint health.

Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion) Dandelion is a natural anti-inflammatory. In traditional Western herbal medicine it has been used to temporarily relieve mild fluid retention and to enhance healthy liver function, including improved bile secretion and flow. It is also used to help relieve abdominal bloating and distension. Dandelion can help to increase or promote urine output. 


  • This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase. Follow the directions for use.
  • If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet
  • Take at least 2 hours away from pharmaceutical medications
  • Contains Glucose, Soya, tree nuts and Sulfites
  • Phenylketonurics – this product contains phenylalanine
  • This product contains pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) which may be dangerous when used in large amounts or for a long time. Stop taking this medication if you experience tingling, burning or numbness and see your health practitioner as soon as possible.
  • Discontinue if diarrhoea develops
  • Whenever suffering from constipation, always drink plenty of water
  • You should be aware that prolonged use of laxatives may lead to dependence and may cause serious bowel problems



  • Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation
  • Not to be used by those with gall bladder obstruction and presence of gallstones
  • Blood glucose levels should be monitored when used in conjunction with hypoglycaemic drugs and Insulin
  • Not to be taken with Warfarin and stimulant laxatives
  • Do not use if you have abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea