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Ensure Plus Strength is the only high energy, high protein Oral Nutritional Supplement in Australia enriched with HMB and 28 essential vitamins and minerals including high levels of vitamin D and calcium, to support muscle strength and recovery13,14.

Its unique formulation is suitable for those recovering from illness, surgery, falls and fractures or who are nutritionally-at-risk and experiencing muscle and bone loss.

Clinical studies have found that Ensure Plus Strength can help protect muscle mass, strength, and function.

The suggested dose of Ensure Plus Strength is twice daily for 90 days*.

*Suggested usage only. The number of servings will be tailored to your medical condition and nutritional needs by your healthcare professional. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure about how many servings you should have per day.

2 bottles of Ensure Plus Strength provides:

  • 3g CAHMB - Supports muscle mass and strength
  • 40g Protein - Helps reduce loss of Muscle Strength or function
  • 1000 IU of Vitamin D - Helps protect muscle stregth and function
  • 988 mg of Calcium - Supports healthy bones