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Enya Vitamin E Cream 1L Pump Each

Modern formulas using natural ingredients. No mineral oils, parabens or propylene glycol.

We use natual emolients like sunflower oil and aloe vera.  

Use as an all-over body Moisturiser by massaging gently into the skin. Suitable for hands, body, arms, legs and feet. Regular use will assist in preventing dryness, roughness, flaking and loss of skin elasticity. Ideal for every day use.  

Use as a Cleanser alternative to soap in the shower or bath. Many soaps are harsh on the skin. Apply with hands or use a loofah to wash your hands, body, arms, legs and feet. Rinse and pat dry.  

Use as a Shaving Lotion. Apply liberally to the skin area to be shaved. After shaving apply again to help soothe the skin.