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Fisher & Paykel Pilario Mask Frame Kit - No Headgear

This mask retains all your favorite features from the revolutionary Pilairo mask, including a single lightweight strap and the progressive AirPillow technology. The construction may be simple, but the durability, accessibility, and freedom of motion that the F & P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillows Mask provides will blow you away. You’ll need to try this mask to experience firsthand the relief of minimal coverage combined with unbelievably hi-tech functionality. If you’ve been in and out of mask fittings and tried multiple models over the years, the F & P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillows Mask may be just the solution you’ve been looking for.


  • Simple Frame that Fits Your Lifestyle
  • Self-Inflating AirPillow Seal
  • Exceptionally Quiet Exhalation

Simple Frame that Fits Your Lifestyle

Some types of frames and headgear may add extra bulk and hassle to CPAP masks, but the Pilairo Q manages to balance a high level of stability with minimal facial coverage or extra equipment. Sleek and simple, this design rises above the rest of its competitors, allowing you to breathe freely and unconstrained.

If you ever find yourself longing for the days when you would relax with an episode of television or decompress with a compelling book, then you’ll enjoy the clear, wide field of vision the Pilairo Q offers.

Self-Inflating AirPillow Seal

The innovative nature of the Pilairo Q is best embodied in its AirPillow seal technology, a popular feature from the original Pilairo model. The seal seems suspended over your nose, constructed with ultrafine silicone material that seals securely under your nasal openings. The seal derives its stability from the base of the mask, which touches no point on your face, reducing the risk of irritation. Pressure from the therapy air causes the seal to self-inflate, and the single available size adjusts to fit a range of faces.

This elegant yet effective design ensures that you sleep through the night uninterrupted by slippage and leaking. This is excellent news, especially for side sleepers, and those who turn restlessly or switch positions multiple times during the night. Now you don’t have to lie awake hour after hour, frozen in an uncomfortable position in an effort to keep your seal perfectly still. The expanded range of movement will surely bring CPAP users a sigh of relief.

Exceptionally Quiet Ventilation

Fisher & Paykel wouldn’t have called this mask the Pilairo “Q” if they hadn’t worked hard to make the machine even quieter than its previous model. The noise created by many CPAP masks as they release exhaled air can become a huge nuisance for you and for your partner as you both attempt to sleep through the night. Luckily, the new design of the Pilairo Q’s exhalation vent includes technology that diffuses the air, reducing noise output and letting you finally get some much-needed peace and quiet.

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