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Flaminal Forte Gel 50G Each

Flaminal Hydro and Flaminal Forte are advanced technology wound care products. They are classified as enzyme alginogels – hydrated alginates with an embedded anti-bacterial enzyme system. Flaminal Hydro and Flaminal Forte support the healing of wounds via a moist wound healing environment and continuous auto-debridement. Flaminal’s antibacterial properties rely on the action of two naturally occurring enzymes: Glucose oxidase, also found in honey & Lactoperoxidase, produced by mammals in tears, mucous and milk.

Bacteria and exudate from the wound are absorbed into the Flaminal gel. Glucose oxidase in the Flaminal converts the available glucose, oxygen & water from the wound exudate into peroxide ions. The peroxide ions are captured by the lactoperoxidase in the Flaminal and converted into reactive oxygen species (ROS). The lactoperoxidase then selectively binds to the bacterial cell wall where it releases the reactive oxygen species which penetrate the cell wall of the bacteria and kill it.