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Freestyle Freedom Lite Glucometer Each

Use outside the body only (in vitro diagnostic use) for self-testing or professional use in the management of diabetes. Use for measuring blood glucose from samples taken from the forearm, upper arm, base of the thumb, or fingers.

  • Test blood glucose in fresh whole blood samples
  • Test blood ß-Ketone (ß-hydroxybutyrate) in fresh whole blood samples from fingers only
  • Big screen which is easy to read.
  • Quick test time.
  • Ketone testing.
  • Easy to open and manage strips (no annoyingly small containers).
  • Neat case to carry the tester and consumables.
  • Has a wider testing range 1.1 - 27.8 mmol/L than the OptiumXceed.

Potential infection risk: Healthcare professionals performing blood tests with this system on multiple patients must always wear gloves and should follow the infection control policies and procedures approved by their facility. Read the instructions in this user’s manual. Failure to follow instructions will cause incorrect results.

IMPORTANT: Use only FreeStyle Optium blood glucose test strips and FreeStyle Optium blood ß-Ketone test strips. Other test strips may produce inaccurate results.  See test strip instructions for use for more information.