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Guedel Airway #5 Light Blue 110Mm Each

The Guedel Airways is designed for free air flow. By protecting from airway occlusion from the relaxation of the tongue in an unconscious patient.The Guedel Airway devices have a central lumen which allows for various suction catheters to be inserted.

The top section has a colour coded section for rapid identifying of size as well as a thickened area for protection from biting. This bite block is ideal with seizes and unprotected airways. It also has benefits for the intubated patient disallowing them from crushing the endotracheal tube.

There are various sizes available from neonate to large adult. It is important to choose the right size; the size of the Guedel airways the length between the corner of the mouth and the ear lobe. It is inserted into the patient’s mouth upward while holding the tongue, and rotated when introduced to point downward.