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Iv3000 1 Hand 10X12Cm Box 50

Smith & Nephew IV3000 #4008 1-Hand Central catheter dressings are a moisture responsive transparent dressing specifically designed to meet the needs of catheter fixation and IV Site protection. Part of the Smith and Nephew wound care family, IV dressings are made from a unique REACTIC film, which is breathable and significantly more permeable to water vapour than ordinary film. This film dressing is waterproof and impermeable to liquids, bacteria and viruses when intact. IV3000 can be applied easily and aseptically and, due to the adhesive's pattern spread, pain on removal is reduced. IV 3000 1-Hand dressings have medical grade sterile securing strips and a documentation label. Each dressing measures 4in. x 4 3/4in. (10cm x 12cm). Box of 50 individually wrapped dressings.