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Medstock Cohesive Bandage Blue (Retail) -Box of 6

Medstock Cohesive Bandage Blue  is a lightweight, highly conformable bandage made from non-woven fabric coated with a gentle and hypoallergenic synthetic adhesive. Its ability to adhere to itself rather than skin allows easy, convenient application without the need for tape or other fixatives.

Key Functions and Features:

  •  Suitable for a wide range of uses in medical, sports and veterinarian industries
  •  Sticks to itself and not to skin or body hair
  •  Perfect for securing primary wound dressings while protecting vulnerable skin
  •  Offers controlled, gentle compression to support healing wounds
  •  Conforms to and supports mobile body structures like muscles and joints
  •  Highly flexible and durable
  • Superior tensile strength
  •  Excellent moisture vapour permeability
  •  Good tearability, making it easy to remove
  •  Latex free and hypoallergenic

Indications for Use:

  •  To support and secure wound dressings and external medical devices
  • To provide support for soft tissue and joint injuries
  •  Provides light compression to support wound healing