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Medstock Silicone Foam Heel And Joint Dressing With Border -Box of 5

Medstock Silicone Foam Heel and Joint with Border is a highly absorbent, 5-layer silicone adhesive foam dressing that is both gentle and conformable to vulnerable skin areas, such as those overlying and surrounding the heel and other joints like the elbow. Its silicone adhesive skin contact layer provides secure adhesion whilst allowing frequent removal and reapplication for skin and wound assessment.

Key Functions and Features:

  •  High absorbency for efficient exudate management
  •  Silicone contact layer seals wound edges, reducing the risk of maceration
  •  Shaped to provide good coverage to the heel
  • May assist in protecting against extrinsic forces such as pressure, shearing, and friction
  •  Soft, elastic, and comfortable on the skin
  • Protective barrier against water and bacteria
  •  Gentle and secure adherence
  •  Atraumatic on dressing removal
  •  Maintains a moist wound environment to promote healing
  •  Can be lifted and adjusted without losing its adhesive properties

Indications for Use:

  • Suitable for heel or joint wounds with low to high exudate
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Treatment for pressure injuries
  • Preventative management for areas at risk of pressure injury
  • Suitable for covering and protecting dry or necrotic wounds