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Medstock Super Absorber Dressing -Box of 10

Medstock Super Absorber is scientifically engineered to absorb and retain extra-large amounts of exudate, allowing for fewer dressing changes and less risk of trauma and maceration of vulnerable skin.

Key Functions and Features:

  • Medstock Super Absorber is designed to continuously absorb excess exudate away from the wound surface. This creates a negative pressure gradient, which helps to:
  •  Promote healing and reduce infection risk by stimulating entry of new blood vessels, leucocytes, and fibrocytes into the wound
  •  Reduce the risk of maceration by drawing exudate and inflammatory products away from the wound
  •  Absorb and retain moderate to very high levels of exudate
  •  Manage weeping oedema and avoid maceration of the wound edge and periwound
  •  Reduce the frequency of dressing changes
  •  Safe for use under compression

Indications for Use:

  •  Suitable for wounds with moderate to very high exudate
  •  All types of dermal ulcers (pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, and mixed aetiology
  • ulcers)
  •  Skin grafts
  •  Partial-thickness to full-thickness burns
  •  Highly exuding surgical wounds and traumatic wounds
  •  Secondary dressing over cavity wounds