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NeilMed PediaMist Saline Spray 75ml

NeilMed PediaMist Saline Spray 75ml

NasaMist(R) Pediamist Isotonic Saline Spray is a sterile natural soothing saline spray.
Applying a gentle fine mist in the nose is an excellent way to keep the nasal passages moist. NasaMist(R) Saline Spray comes in isotonic, pediatric and hypertonic concentration.
Nasal sprays should not be mistaken for large volume irrigation systems like Sinus Rinse(TM)Nasal Wash.

Use For

* Nasal Allergies and Dryness
* Sinusitis, Rhinitis
* Allergic Asthma
* Post Nasal Drip
* Sinus Pressure & Nasal Congestion
* Nasal Symptoms from Flu and Cold
* Nasal Irritation from Occupational and House Dust, Fumes, Animal Dander, Grass, Pollen, Environmental Pollutants and Smoke

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