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Novofine plus needle 32g x 4mm box 100

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Novofine Plus 32g Tip Needles 100

NovoFine Plus is designed to make injections more comfortable for youDesigned for less pain and to fit all diabetes pen devices. Thinner needles may hurt less.

Only 4 mm in length, for less risk of injecting into the muscle. Only 32G (the thickness of 2 human hairs!), associated with less pain Unique design to reduce the risk of bending and breaking Designed with Super FlowTM technology to reduce injection time and force.

  • Suitable for patients of all weights
  • Compatible with all pen devices

It is important to inject according to the guidelines of your doctor or nurse. Your doctor or nurse will recommend the specific needle length that is right for you.

NovoFine® Plus is a 32G 4mm needle. The G stands for gauge and is a measure of needle thickness; the higher the number, the thinner the needle. Thin needles are associated with less pain.

Unique design to increase the area of skin contact and reduce the risk of needle bending and breaking.

NovoFine® Plus uses SuperFlowTM technology. Thinner needle wall allows for a larger inner diameter, reducing the amount of force required to inject your medication.

A 4mm needle such as NovoFine® Plus has been shown to safely and effectively deliver injectable medications across a range of ages, weights, and BMIs.

NovoFine® Plus is compatible with all major pen devices. Tested in accordance with international standards for connectivity and dose accuracy: