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Octenisan Wash Lotion 150Ml Each

Hypoallergenic antimicrobial hair and body wash containing octenidine.
In NHS Supply Chain

Our Plus
mild and gentle wash lotion for the skin and hair

ideal for whole body washing

suitable for all skin types

skin-neutral pH value

free of artificial colours and perfumes

Areas of application
for antimicrobial whole body cleansing (incl. hair washing and showering) that is kind to the skin

suitable for all skin types, even skin that is sensitive to soap or susceptible to allergies

for mild and gentle, antimicrobial washing of patients prior to surgery

washing amputation stumps as well as support for infection prevention and avoidance of relapses and secondary infections

especially suitable for use on intensive care and infection wards

Application Methods
When washing patients apply octenisan® undiluted to a damp facecloth and rub evenly on the appropriate parts of the body (exposure time 1 min) and rinse off. When showering or washing hair octenisan® wash lotion should be used like commercially available products.