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Pharmacy Action Worm treatment SAME AS COMBANTRIN



·        Flavoured chewable tablets

·        Substitute of discontinued pharmacist formulawormrid threadworm worm treatment

Product Description
Generic Of Vermox / Combantrin Worm Treatment, 100mg Mebendazole and also contains saccharin sodium.

PHARMACY ACTION Worm Treatment eliminates intestinal worms.

Available in packs of 6 orange flavoured chewable tablets


Treatment for threadworm infestation

Dose instructions

 Adults and children 2 years and over 1 tablet as a single dose and repeat after 2 weeks if needed.

Tablet may be swallowed whole or chewed or crushed and mixed with food.

Precautions: Evidence of infestation should be present before treating for threadworm. Symptoms include the presence of tiny white threads around the anal region, itching around the anus and vagina, Restless sleep, grinding of teeth and irritability. If a family member has threadworm, each member of the family should be treated.