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Primatape Waterproof 1.25Cmx5M Box 12

PRIMATAPE Waterproof tape is indicated for fixation of wound dressings, particularly on joints, frequently moved and contoured parts of the body. It provides secure fixation of tubes, catheters, measuring devices and instruments. PRIMATAPE Waterproof tape can also be applied to cover and exert pressure on a body part. Cotton cloth substrate with polyethylene coating spread with zinc oxide adhesive.


Features & Benefits


    - Zinc oxide adhesive provides high initial and secure adhesion

    - Ideal for use in situations where water may be present

    - Highly breathable, maintains skin integrity

    - Flexible and conformable

    - No residue on removal

    - Suitable for  active patients who can tolerate strong adhesives

    - Easy to tear

    - Can be written on