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Protect-A-Limb Medium - For Arm Or Average Lower Leg Pair

Protect-a-Limb protects the limbs from skin tears and skin damage. It is light in weight and yet bulky enough to protect. Aged Care Health Professionals highly recommended Protect-a-Limb as a truly effective means of preventing recurring skin tears, with the resultant saving to healthcare costs. It is easy and fast to apply when compared to other methods of protection.
As people age, their skin begins to change. Aged care workers have been accustomed to dealing with these changes to elderly people's skin by moisturising and protecting the limb from the environment. This process has worked quite well in the past, but there has always been a concern with the type of elastic bandages used to keep the moisture in - this is where Protect-a-Limb steps in.
Circumference: 18cm - 25cm
Length: 40cm
Use: arm and small leg
Circumference: 25cm - 40cm
Length: 50cm
Use: Arm & average lower leg
Circumference: 32 - 44cm
Length: 60cm
Use: Full leg