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Releen In-Line Foley Catheter Ch24 Male Each

A true innovation in Foley catheters, Releen is the next generation of Foley catheter. It is 100% silicone eliminating the risk of a latex allergy, with a very wide lumen to ensure free flow of urine. Releen is the only Foley catheter on the market with a true integrated balloon, meaning an easier insertion and withdrawal, with a reduced risk of ridging. The radiopaque line allows for x-ray confirmation of position. The bullet shaped tip and smooth eyelets ensure comfort during insertion and withdrawal.

  • The Releen InLine catheter has a short bullet tip, which is gentle to the bladder mucosa.
  • The distance between the balloon and the eyelets is small, which ensures minimal residual urine in the bladder and hence less risk of infection and irritation.
  • Another relevant feature is the integrated black radiopaque line, which makes x-ray monitoring easy and excludes the need for dyes.
  • Releen InLine comes in a rough material inner sleeve and it is very easy to open even when wearing gloves.
  • As a smooth and flexible catheter, Releen InLine ensures increased patient comfort and pain free insertion.
  • Integrated balloon for greater comfort during insertion and withdrawal, and less potential for ridging
  • 100% silicone
  • TGA Registration for urethral and suprapubic use
  • Wide lumen
  • Radiopaque line
  • Bullet shaped tip
  • 34cm Length