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ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face Mask

Product Details

AirFit™ F30i ResMed Full Face Mask combines a small, under-the-nose full face cushion with a top-of-head tube design that gives you the freedom to move comfortably.

The UltraCompact, under-the-nose cushion of the AirFit F30i full face mask means there's no discomfort or red marks on the bridge of the user's nose.

Product Specification

Product Features:

  • Quick-release elbow is designed for easy connection and disconnection of the mask from tubing, while the 360° elbow rotation allows for freedom of movement.
  • Top-of-head tube design gives users the freedom to sleep the way they want.
  • Flexible conduit frame allows therapy air to flow through the elbow and into the frame and cushion.
  • UltraCompact full face cushion rests under the nose to deliver all-round stability¹, visual freedom, and minimal facial contact.
  • Magnetic clips make it quick and easy to connect the headgear to the frame.
  • Optional soft wraps can help add softness and comfort at the cheeks.

Available in 5 combination of sizes.

Download the ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face Mask.