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ResMed AirMini Starter Kit - Nasal Mask

Product Details

This is the Complete Package including the: device, mask, bedside mount, Humid-X Disc's

Introducing AirMini - the world's smallest CPAP device, suitable for use at home or while you're away.

Engineered to deliver the same quality of therapy you have grown to trust from ResMed, you will never need to choose between therapy performance and freedom again. Featuring a unique venting system and waterless humidification, it combines the latest technologies in a sleek, pocket-sized design that can be used at home or away.  

Small. Smart. Proven.
This compact device includes modes for CPAP (fixed pressure), APAP (automatic pressure) and For Her (automatic). It uses the same advanced algorithm as ResMed’s AirSense 10 machine, and offers the full range of comfort features such as Automatic Ramp, Exhalation Pressure Relief, as well as Smart Start and Smart Stop. Thanks to ResMed's new AirMini smartphone app, the ability to activate the machine, control settings, manage comfort options and monitor progress is available at your fingertips (for iPhone and Android devices - we can set it up for you).

ResMed AirFit N20 mask: ResMed AirFit N20 is a compact nasal mask, featuring InfinitySeal™ cushion technology. Suitable for people who breathe through their nose, it offers comfort and freedom thanks to innovative technology and thoughtful design.

Product Specification

Key features of the AirMini:

  • HumidX™ - HumidX™ waterless humidification system allows exhaled air to pass through before it reaches the mask’s vent. In typical overnight conditions, this helps ensure minimal heat and moisture loss and allows HumidX to deliver a similar level of humidification as a traditional bedside device.
  • ActiveAir™ - This unique technology regulates airflow to keep the device stable and comfortable as pressure increases.
  • AirMini App - Bluetooth connectivity to smart devices and the dedicated AirMini app offer user-friendly setup and use. The app allows you to tailor your comfort settings and view therapy progress easily.

    Included in our package:

    • ResMed AirMini Autoset (white)
    • ResMed N20 AirMini mask (nasal mask)
    • ResMed N20 AirMini vent
    • ResMed AirMini tubing
    • ResMed HumidX waterless humidification pod
    • ResMed Humid X Plus waterless humidification pod
    • FREE ResMed AirMini Bed Mount System

    The AirMini Starter Kit includes all components and can be used for effective therapy straight out of the box.