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ResMed Lumis™ 150 VPAP ST ventilator


Lumis 150 VPAP ST is one of a series of ventilators for people with respiratory conditions who can breathe spontaneously but not efficiently enough. The Lumis 150 VPAP ST is easy to set up and use and features built-in wireless connectivity.*

Responds to your needs

Two therapy modes provide personalised ventilation to support your respiratory condition and automatically adapt to your changing needs while giving you the opportunity to breathe spontaneously.

Comfortable, user friendly design

Easy to navigate and use, Lumis can gradually and comfortably ramp the pressure up to your prescribed level, and down again at the end of the therapy session.

Consistent humidification

When used with a HumidAir™ heated humidifier and ClimateLineAir™ heated tube, Lumis delivers humidification automatically.