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REVITIVE Ultrasound Therapy - Brand New + 2 yrs warranty (formerly Ultralieve)

REVITIVE Ultrasound Therapy - Brand New + 2 yrs warranty (formerly Ultralieve)

From the makers of REVITIVE drug-free health solutions, Ultralieve is now REVITIVE Ultrasound.

Product Information

This therapeutic device from Ultralieve uses ultrasound waves to bring relief from aches, pain, injury, and discomfort in the joints, muscles, and spine. Harnessing the power of high-frequency pulses, the Ultralieve PRO offers home users the technology to treat sports injuries and other ailments. Equipped with various intensity levels to suit the condition, the unit also promotes healing by boosting blood circulation.

REVITIVE Ultrasound Therapy:

·       Supports the body's natural healing process

·       Uses therapeutic ultrasound technology

·       Ultrasound is drug-free and commonly used by physiotherapists

About REVITIVE Ultrasound:

REVITIVE Ultrasound is designed to relieve pain by supporting the body’s natural healing process to aid tissue repair.

Whether it's gardening, cycling, looking after the kids, going for a long walk or a physically demanding job, the ability to move with freedom is vital to your everyday life.

REVITIVE Ultrasound supports your body's natural healing process so you can get back to your best.

Deep Tissue Relief:

REVITIVE Ultrasound emits sound waves which penetrate the body. You can set the intensity of your REVITIVE Ultrasound treatment to suit the depth and size of your injury / area of pain.

Tailored treatment for you:

REVITIVE Ultrasound has 3 intensity levels so that you can tailor the treatment to your needs. The correct intensity level is determined by the depth of your injury and how long you've been experiencing pain. A therapy application table is provided to show exactly the time and intensity level you should use with REVITIVE Ultrasound. Depending on your pain, daily use of REVITIVE Ultrasound for as little as 2 minutes may be all you need to get back to your best.

Always read the label. Not to be used: for treatment of malignancy (application over a suspected or confirmed tumour), or on the skin over electronic implants, including pacemakers or defibrillators, or on an infected or bleeding area including tuberculosis, or on the skin over vascular abnormalities (such as haemangioma, capillary, lymphatic, arterial or arterio-venous malformations, or directly on the abdomen or lower back of pregnant women, or applied directly over active epiphysis regions (growth plates) in the presence of myositis ossificans (bone formed within the muscle) or over the eyes, skull or reproductive organs, or over open wounds or fragile or damaged skin e.g. eczema, or on the front of the neck over the carotid sinus, or over spinal abnormalities e.g. spina bifida, following laminectomy, or over active deep vein thrombosis or thrombophlebitis, or on recently radiated tissue (within 6 months), by individuals who do not comprehend the instructions for application. Follow the instructions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professionals. 

ARTG ID: 214323