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Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Unflavoured 284g

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General Information

Sourced from high quality bovine, this Collagen Peptide powder is unflavoured. Just one scoop a day provides 10grams of collagen, use anytime of day by adding to hot or cold drinks or your favourite recipe.

Sourced from high quality bovine, this Collagen Peptide powder is unflavoured. 
Made from one simple ingredient, our Collagen Peptides have no added flavour and can be added to water, coffee, smoothies, recipes and more.  It's easily digestible, can be mixed in hot or cold liquids and can be consumed any time of day.
Enjoy VITAL PROTEINS™ Collagen Peptides as part of a healthy balanced diet containing a variety of foods.
10g Collagen Peptides per serve
One Simple Ingredient
Can be added to hot or cold liquids
Supports healthy skin by improving skin elasticity and hydration
Supports Healthy Joints
No added sugar
Collagen peptides support skin health – Improving skin hydration and elasticity.4
Collagen peptides supports joint health – Providing protein for tissue building & repair and maintenance of healthy muscles & bones. 5
4. Choi, F. et al (2019). Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. 18(1)
5. Garcia-Coronado et al (2018). International Orthopaedics 43, 531- 538

Product Claims: Free from artificial Colours, free from artificial Flavours

Size: 284G

Serving Size: 10g (plus 200ml water)

Servings Per Pack: 28


Do not use if container seal is broken or missing.