What is wheezo?

The wheezo device and eHealth app is a new and innovative solution to assist asthma management, especially in children and adolescents outside the clinic.

The wheezo device records wheeze and the eHealth app stores wheeze measurements, records symptoms, triggers and medication use and sends geospecific or local weather alerts about environmental asthma triggers. What’s more, this platform has been developed with the support of Australian respiratory specialists and other healthcare professionals.

More about the wheezo real world study [Experiential Program]

  • The program lets doctors and people with asthma gain experience with the wheezo device and eHealth app and work together to adapt medication and asthma management to each person’s specific needs.
  • The program is open for people diagnosed with asthma (especially children and adolescents), who are taking medication for asthma management and with a current asthma action plan.
  • The program provides one wheezo device per family (up to four users per device) and 4 months’ free access to the eHealth App. Use beyond 4 months requires a fee for service.
  • During the program you will take daily wheeze recordings using the wheezo device, enter daily symptoms and triggers in the eHealth App and complete monthly questionnaires.
People with asthma should consult their healthcare practitioner about their medical condition, their medications and the information collected within the wheezo eHealth app as part of their overall asthma management. Regardless of the wheeze rate, if the user has signs and symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, they should always follow their healthcare professional’s advice and their asthma action plan.

Please view Wheezo's Video HERE: https://vimeo.com/464096072