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Zetuvit Plus 20Cmx25Cm Box 10

Zetuvit Plus, Non-Adherent, Absorbent Wound Dressing.

Zetuvit Plus is an extension of Zetuvit, featuring Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) for higher absorbency. The dressing binds wound exudate rapidly and reliably retains it within the absorbent core. The improved absorption and retention of fluid may reduce the frequency of dressing changes in some wounds and offer better fluid handling capacity in difficult to manage highly exuding wounds.

Zetuvit is a multi-layered exudate management dressing pad. It is soft, comfortable, cost effective and can be used under compression bandages.

Zetuvit is covered in a soft non-woven, hydrophobic polyamide fibre. The inner surface of the cover has a high capillary activity, providing wicking of wound exudate into the central core of cellulose fluff. The bleached cellulose tissue layer rapidly disperses fluid to maximise the use of the centre absorbent layer. The backing layer of hydrophobic cellulose is permeable to air and moisture-repellent to help prevent strike through.

Zetuvit can be used to manage all heavily exuding wounds and as a primary dressing on surgical wounds.