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Zipzoc Zinc Oxide Stocking 80Cm Pkt10

Zipzoc is a sterile zinc oxide impregnated stocking. Where chronic venous insufficiency exists, Zipzoc can be used as a primary contact layer under compression bandaging or hosiery. Zipzoc is a preservative free dressing thus reducing sensitivity reactions, and it contains white soft paraffin and liquid paraffin so it will not dry or adhere. Ease of Use: Stocking presentation means the product is easy to apply and remove with less mess therefore saving time. Low adherence means Zipzoc should not stick to the wound surface and so can be used with confidence as the primary contact layer. Patient Comfort: Contains zinc oxide which is soothing and promotes healing. Preservative free formulation means skin reactions are less likely for patients with sensitive skin. Zipzoc and a bandage are usually thin enough to allow patients to wear normal shoes.