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Bayer Contour Microlet Lancets 100 Sterile Single Use

Bayer Contour  Microlet Lancets 100 Sterile Single Use

Using test strips and lancets are a daily part of life for someone with diabetes, so why not use a disposable lancet that gives you the most control?

  • Microlet disposable lancets let you choose from five lancing depths.
  • The silicon coating delivers safe, comfortable testing every time.
  • Use these single-use lancets with Microlet and Glucolet automatic lancing devices

Microlet Diabetic Lancets give you greater control over the depth of the skin puncture. When you have more control over the depth, you'll be able to zero-in on the most comfortable blood draw for you, so long as you are getting the amount of blood necessary for your diabetes glucose monitor. Each of these disposable lancets is silicone coated to ensure a safe, sterile, and comfortable test each time. Grab some from our mail-order diabetic supply company today!


  • Microlet Diabetic Lancets - 100 count (1 Box of 100)
  • Sterile, silicone coated