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BMC G3 Series LH1 Heated Tubing System

This is the heated tubing that fits to the BMC RESmart CPAP and Auto CPAP Machines when the last utilizes the BMC Heated Humidifier. The heated tubing prevents the humidified warm air generated by the heated humidifier to get cooler when it goes up to the mask through the heated tubing. This is what we call ''condensation'', which is successfully shunned thanks to the heating cables integrated into the tubing spiral.The tubing is lightweight and resistant to creasing and its flexible material allows the user to move conveniently throughout the night.


  • IntegrationIntegrated heating design minimizes the condensation and improves the patient`s compliance.
  • Kink resistantScientific spiral interval design makes the tubing more flexible and kink resistant.
  • ExclusivityIt is dedicated to BMC G3 series device.