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Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test Diagnose Common Vaginal Infections

Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test is an easy to use self test to help you diagnose if you are suffering from thrush in the privacy of your own home within seconds with over 90% accuracy * helping to put you back in control of your intimate health. A number of factors contribute to vaginal infections, which can result in unpleasant symptoms including vaginal odour, abnormal discharge and discomfort.
  • Discrete and can be used in the privacy of your home
  • Easy to use
  • Over 90% accuracy*
  • See results in seconds
  • Test before you treat
1 Self-diagnostic swab
*Nyirjesy, Paul, et al. "The performance of an innovative self-sampling test for vaginitis-Selfcare Journal”. SelfCare 2017;8(3):1-11. Study funded by Common Sense, Caesarea, Israel.


  1. Unwrap the Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test swab (make sure the swab tip does not come into contact with anything before you insert it into your vaginal)
  2. Hold the Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test swab by the handle and carefully insert the yellow tip of the swab into your vaginal, rotate the swab several times and then remove. Refer to the product leaflet for further details on how to use the swab before using this product.
  3. After 10 seconds check the tip of the Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test swab to see if the colour has stayed the same or changed to Green/Blue.


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.
When using the product ensure the swab is not inserted further than the beginning of the handle.
If pregnant: Consult your doctor before use.

Keep out of reach of children.
Read instruction leaflet before use.
Do not use if the end tab is broken off or appears tampered with.